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About Me

Being a mother myself, I was a big fan of pregnancy and postnatal massage and having that time just for me. During pregnancy and afterwards, massage therapy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscles aches and joint pain. After the remarkable changes your body goes through during pregnancy, I aim to accelerate recovery and help new mothers feel more relaxed and help with the healing process.

You don't have to be pregnant or have had a baby to appreciate a good holistic massage though! My treatments are available  to all women.



Education and Certifications

Cardiff Metropolitan University 2019 - 2021

Level 4 Holistic Massage Diploma.

Member of MTI 2023
The Massage Training Institute

Pregnancy Massage Diploma CREDIT 2021


Accredited by the APNT/BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association)  

Pregnancy Diploma with Wellmother

Indian head Massage & Head Massage Techniques Diploma Course 2021



Hot/Cold Stone Massage - Practitioner Course 2022

Teach Therapy - FHT Accredited 

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My Philosophy

Before each treatment I will require a brief medical consultation, so that I have a clear idea of how to tailor the treatment to you. this will be included in the time allocated.



Holistic massage treats the body as a "whole", therefore the massage treatment doesn't only work on your physical body it also  aims to help your emotional well being.

Massage can reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate muscle stiffness and tension and promote general relaxation.  

The massage is individually tailored to you, so we can work on any problem areas or you can choose to have a relaxing massage.  Either way, I aim to calm your mind and help reduce everyday physical and emotional stress.


Massage can improve post delivery recovery and health for many women.

You can feel very fragile after having a baby.  In some serious need of TLC and time for yourself.  You can either choose to have a relaxing massage or I can focus on any areas that are troubling you.

  Massage encourages the body to release endorphins which are natural painkillers and increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles, getting rid of any toxins and lowering stress hormones.  Estrogen and progesterone hormone levels are very high during pregnancy and they decrease after delivery. Massage greatly improves the hormone balance.

Whether you delivered naturally or had a c- section I can design the massage to suit you and your needs. In either case - I aim to help you relax, recover and heal.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Please give 24 hours notice for the cancellation of your scheduled treatment.  Clients cancelling with less than 24 hours of your scheduled treatment will be required to pay 50% of the treatment reserved.

Thank you for understanding as time is valuable

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